V3 System’s product line of hardware appliances was purpose built and custom tuned to finally deliver on the industry’s original promise of VDI.

Each V3 appliance ships ready to drop into an existing VMware environment within just a few minutes. V3 offers a wide range of appliances with densities ranging from 25 to 400 virtual Windows desktops per appliance to exactly fit your organization’s needs.

Your employees will love working on virtual desktops guaranteed to run two to eight times faster than physical desktops. You’ll love how easy it is to scale capacity, reduce management costs, and eliminate VDI performance bottlenecks.

It’s all part of the no compromise, next generation of VDI we call Desktop Cloud Computing.

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The best desktop virtualization hardware in the business deserves an equally solid software management layer. That’s why we created DCO from the ground up to quickly and efficiently manage virtual desktops—and nothing else.

With DCO, everything a desktop administrator needs for day-to-day management of your organization’s virtual desktops is aggregated into one secure, centralized console.

DCO automatically backs up persistent pools upon creation enabling quick and seamless pool movement between V3 Appliances when needed for failover or scheduled maintenance.

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